Thursday, July 24, 2014

Young PHer Creates Touching Awareness Video

Elaina and her mother have created a great awareness video about pulmonary hypertension and what it's like for Elaina living with PH. Check it out below or on Facebook (login not required).


Annette Salser said...

Thanks so much for sharing Eliana's story - it mirrors my own daughters- almost word for word - She too is a miracle who has relied on her faith and HOPE - At 29 her body finally gave up and she awaited a Heart Lung Transplant for 6 weeks - she has done very well and is in her 5th month of recovery - A note to Eliana -keep fighting - keep working for answers - and keep investigating all medical solutions offered...they have kept Rebekah alive - and dreams of doing all those things in your message (most for the first time ever) are coming true - BTW she married and had a son through suragacy who is now 6 - We are very proud of her fight and her success in living a full it sounds you are determined to do! God Bless-and again thank you for sharing!

Annette Salser

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Eliana! I hope I continue to have the phighting spirit that you show, in my own phight with pH.
Your phriend in Lordsburg, NM,
Vanessa Boynton