Thursday, July 31, 2014

Question of the week: What is your favorite cartoon and why?

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Keith Brooks said...

My favourite is one Disney produced called "Melody Time" from 1948, particularly the "Pecos Bill" portion which features an introductory scene starring the inimitable Roy Rogers with Trigger in an evening campfire setting. Roy is telling the story of Pecos Bill and the jealousy Slue Foot Sue causes for Bill's horse "Widowmaker". Here's an excerpt from the IMDb website:

"Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers tell the story of Pecos Bill, an infant who fell out of a covered wagon and was discovered and raised by a family of wolves. His relationship with the wolves teaches him survival and, as a result, grows up to become a he-man of the American Desert earning the friendship of a horse named Widowmaker after rescuing him from a flock of buzzards. However, the relationship between man and horse is threatened when Pecos falls in love with a dame named Slue Foot Sue. They plan to wed but the marriage is threatened when Pecos offers Sue a ride on Widowmaker."

A Disney classic with the story of Pecos Bill, Roy Rogers in fine voice for the narration, songs, and my favourite movie horse, Trigger.