Sunday, July 6, 2014

PSA Campaign Gets a Boost from Conference

Lucas Van Wormer recording the PSA on pediatric PH research
Last month at PHA’s Conference in Indianapolis, PHA President & CEO Rino Aldrighetti asked for 110 volunteers to make 10 calls to TV and radio stations for 10 months. Three hundred and seventy two people volunteered to help get our PSAs aired.

Our media blitz continues to grow. Help get our PSAs aired in your city. Go to our PSA Campaign page and learn how to promote the cause to cure pulmonary hypertension. You can also listen to Steve Van Wormer’s webinar on the PSA campaign. Then let everyone know your experience on PHA’s Facebook page.

For help on reaching out to the media about PSAs, contact:
-Renée Hockaday at 301-565-3004 x774 or
-Diane Ramirez at 336-425-6335 or

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