Monday, May 5, 2014

PHA TV & Radio Spots Airing Across the Nation!

You can help us get them on your local stations

Steve Van Wormer has scored an incredible victory for our community. Using his PHA Lantos Grant and professional voice-over experience, he has created dozens of PHA public service announcements in 43 different languages over the past few years. Recently, he launched a campaign to get these PSA spots aired on TV and radio. In a few short weeks he has secured promises from 14 national networks, and they have already begun to air across the country

Steve is a PHA board member and PH parent to Lucas, who does the voice over for the pediatric research PSA (pictured right in the studio). Together, they hope to bring PHA's PSAs into every household in America, and with your help they think they can.

Steve, working with a team of PHA staff, used the service Extreme Reach to send a package of our TV and radio PSAs to 4,000 local TV stations and 10,000 radio stations across the country. The service sent PHA's PSAs directly into the local networks' Extreme Reach PSA Folder, which connects to each station's Master Control where they are waiting to be played. We now need you to contact them and ask them to air our PSAs.

We have created a simple toolkit with sample scripts that include the names and codes of the files in their Extreme Reach PSA Folder. You can also view the PSA spots you will be asking them to air. Please join Steve and Lucas in this exciting opportunity to get the PH message out. For more details, read Rino's blog.

Visit our PSA Campaign Toolkit

Congratulations to Steve and Lucas and the entire PH community on this tremendous victory for the PH cause!

Networks Steve has secured:
CBS National Network
FOX Hispanic Networks
Fox News
Fox Sports 1
22 Regional FOX Sports Networks
MGM Networks
My Network TV
Nat Geo
Radio Disney
Universal Sports Network
Warner Bros. Records

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