Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BreAnn Organizes Blog Hop for Pulmonary Hypertension

Awareness Month story
submitted by BreAnn McFarland, lung transplant recipient

This past weekend, BreAnn McFarland led a blog hop where a number of her blogger friends posted about pulmonary hypertension for PH Awareness Month. Readers were eligible to win a free zebra digital stamp if they could answer a question about PH. She is also organizing a contest to create something with a periwinkle ribbon somewhere on it and selling PH bracelets. You can read more about BreAnn's passion for art and crafting on our Generation Hope blog.

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tami arnold said...

Great idea. Wish I knew about it last weekend. I have a blog Ph and would like a bracelet. Are you on Twitter?

BreAnn said...

Hi Tami!
If I do the blog hop again next year, I will let you know! It was a little last minute this time, but I would love to make it an annual event.
I would be happy to make a bracelet for you! You can email me at lungtx91@gmail.com to order one.
I'm not on Twitter, at least not yet. :)