Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Question of the Week: Exercise

Question of the Week: What is the most common way you exercise? Please share in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

I love to walk for exercise. When the heat and humidity levels allow me to walk outside, I try to walk 3-5 miles daily with my dog. Summer is difficult. I also garden. The whole body workout I get from hoeing, pulling weeds, bending, stretching is better than anything I can get in a gym. This activity level didn't come overnight. It was a slow and steady wins the race kind of thing.

Aries Stead said...

Walking on the beach is my favorite. I had to work up to being able to walk more than a half a mile and now I can do three! Recently I have started working with kettle bells. Going slow with that for now. I feel so much better if I am able to get out and do something good for myself!