Friday, August 16, 2013

Cruising with a Disability - PH Patient Isabel Visits Canada

by pulmonary hypertension patient Isabel Best from Belmont, Mass.

Anne of Green Gables House,
Prince Edward Island, Canada
We went on a seven-day cruise to the Canadian Maritime provinces. I am on oxygen and took my Inogen One and a folding wheelchair. There were other passengers using wheelchairs -- very helpful for long distances on board and excursions ashore, and people were always willing to help us get the wheels over a hump. We had a semi-accessible stateroom with grab bars in the shower.

I didn't meet anyone else with PH, and had several opportunities to explain it to people. Those of us living with disabilities were an encouragement to one another. A cruise is a good holiday for us, because one can choose which activities to participate in (even "swimming"!) and then snooze afterward while one's caregiver explores the ship. My husband especially enjoyed the delicious meals that he did not have to cook himself, and we both loved the international atmosphere, and being transported to another world -- so beautiful.

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