Saturday, May 4, 2013

PH'ers In the News: Michelle Gascoigne

Michelle Gascoigne will be celebrating two birthdays from now on — her actual birthday will be on May 17; and her first re-birthday — the day she received a double lung transplant, will be July 27.
It’s been a bumpy road filled with twists and turns, but Gascoigne, who has scleroderma, a condition which damaged and hardened the tissue in her lungs and caused pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs), believes the worst is behind them.
Gascoigne was an active mother coaching her two sons’ soccer team and supporting the sport; then in 2004 she began to notice her energy begin to wane. By 2009 her condition was diagnosed: scleroderma and PH. Read the rest of Michelle's story from the Plainsman Newspaper of South Dakota.

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Michelle said...

Wow I just googled my name, and this came up. Didn't realize it. Well and update on me is great. I am 15 months out and doing well. My lungs are amazing. I still have issues with the Scleroderma but I am very Thankful to my donor and his/her family for giving me the Gift of Life.