Friday, May 31, 2013

Attention: CuraScript customers

Re: Accredo and Curascript Merger Information
To: Current CuraScript Patients

As many of you are now aware, two major specialty pharmacies for pulmonary hypertension patients, Accredo and CuraScript, merged in 2012. The combination of Accredo and CuraScript together means many things for patients, and this letter serves to address one of them – Specifically for current CuraScript patients and what they can expect from the merger process.

·         Between now and January 2014, it is anticipated that all current CuraScript patients will be migrated (transferred) into the Accredo system. This transition has already begun. Eventually all patients served by the merged company will be serviced under the name “Accredo”.

·         Patients will be migrated by groups according to “payer” – in other words, these groups will be created based on who their insurance provider is.

·         Patients will receive a letter ahead of when their migration is anticipated to occur. PLEASE BE AWARE: Because of HIPPA regulations, the envelope for this letter cannot state that it comes from a specialty pharmacy and the outside may appear somewhat generic. Please check all mail carefully and be on the lookout.

·         Patients will still receive a monthly call to fill medications – but it will be from an Accredo rep, known as a “patient care advocate”.

·         Ideally, patients will not have to do anything differently in order to get their medications. However, there are two things you should be aware of:

o   Some specific payers (insurance companies) may end up requiring a new prior-authorization.

o   Medicare will require that patients have a new prescription on file, even for medications already being dispensed.

Your prescribing doctor and the specialty pharmacy should be taking care of this process. However, PHA strongly recommends that patients remain vigilant self-advocates. If you have any concerns at all, do not hesitate to contact your medical provider, the specialty pharmacy, or your insurance company if necessary, to check on the status of your prescription or order.


Betsie said...

I have been on Remodulin for 3 years with Accredo and was just switched to Curascript. If this info is for meds only, but the reverse is true for infusion therapy, could you please let all of us know. Or might I be switched back to Accredo over the next year?

Pulmonary Hypertension Association said...

Betsie- from our understanding...eventually all patients served by the merged company will be serviced under the name “Accredo”.