Friday, February 22, 2013

Addressing Patient Needs in Specialty Pharmacy Services

PHA, the Caring Voice Coalition and several specialty pharmacies have joined together to form the Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Board, which is dedicated to learning about patients’ specialty pharmacy experiences in order to identify trends and best practices.

Read Colleen Brunetti’s guest blog post to learn more about the formation of the Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Board.

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Maxine Young/ said...

How do I deal with a 200 percent increase in my Tracleer medicine for a monthly refill? The company my husband retired from says there is no co-pay increase this year, the pharmacy made an oral contract with me 5 or so sears ago when we agreed on the co-pay, and Medicare deducts a larger amount from my Social Security check each month for this year. How do I deal with these entities when no one responds and/or passes the buck???