Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Positive Outcomes from Having Pulmonary Hypertension, Really?!

We asked the PH community what positive things have happened to them because of their pulmonary hypertension. The positive changes include:

A greater appreciation for life. The community talked about how they had slowed down and live more in the moment. They enjoy the little things in life and appreciate what they have. They have also learned how to be positive and find the silver lining in things.

Different priorities. PHers are spending more time with their family and friends, growing closer to God and not taking things for granted. They don't sweat the small stuff anymore. Some were happy they were forced to stop working and slow down. Others talked about being forced to take better care of themselves through exercise and diet. One woman even shared that she had lost 183 pounds!

Stronger friendships and family ties. People often talked about how they've become closer with their friends and family through the support they give to them in their constant struggle with PH, and they learned who their true friends are. Many were thankful for their new PH friends, or "PHriends," including the medical professionals they have met.

Awareness of their inner strength. Many PHers talked about learning how strong they are and how PH has given them the strength and courage to face challenges.

Compassion for others. People expressed how they have a greater appreciation for the struggles others go through and they have a greater awareness and compassion for others.

More free time. PHers expressed gratitude for more time to spend with family and friends and work on hobbies.

The disability perks. A few PHers talked about the "perks" of having PH, such as closer parking spaces and the ability to get through Customs at the airport quicker.

The below quote from one of the community members best summarized the sentiments of the responses:
"PH Puts Priorities in Place! Non-threatening things that cause people so much stress seem foolish and shallow. You learn to live life a mile deep and an inch wide versus an inch deep and a mile wide. The highs are higher and the lows are lower. You experience life at a much higher level of awareness and learn what walking in Faith really means. The PHriends you meet quickly become closer than your friends that will never completely 'get it.' You become part of an exclusive PHamily and support one another, far and near, sharing the highs and offering encouragement during the lows."

This week's question of the week:  "The best piece of advice I would give someone newly diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension is..." Feel free to respond in the comments below.


Flippymom said...

Be your own advocate! but if you can't, find someone who can advocate for you, a caregiver, family member, spouse, best friend. As long as they know your wishes and can speak for you. No one knows your body like you do!

Anonymous said...

excellent point...