Friday, May 18, 2012

Miracles for Molly Dunne

The Dunne’s family friend, Erin Lacey, started a campaign to gather photos taken around the world for Molly, a 7-year old pulmonary hypertension patient. Each photo shows someone holding Molly’s photo in a different place, as a symbolic way for her to travel the world and complete her Bucket List. These photos raised Molly's spirits and raised awareness about pulmonary hypertension. Molly very much enjoyed looking at all these photos with her family, and many new people around the world learned about PH through Molly’s story. Many of you in the PH community have joined in this effort on Facebook. Miley Cyrus even got in on the action.

It is with sadness that we report Molly passed away yesterday morning. Our thoughts are with the Dunne family.

The Dunne family has requested that the Miracles for Molly Dunne campaign continue on as a way to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension. We encourage more of you to join in by taking a photo of yourself wherever you are, with a photo of Molly (you can get one on the Facebook page) and post it to the Miracles for Molly Facebook page.

Here's PHA's photo taken Wednesday:


Gwen said...

I hope people see this and take a few moments to go to Miracles for Molly Dunne on facebook, find and print out a picture of Molly, take a photo of Molly's picture as you do anything from the mundane (eating breakfast) to the ridiculous (bungie jumping!) and everything in between. Upload your new photo to Miracles for Molly Dunne, with a little caption. The family has requested that this continue. Let's keep Molly's name and the family's mission (to spread awareness about PH and HHT) so no one ever has to suffer from these diseases again.

Kristen said...

It's taken me a while to catch up on posts about Molly....

Thank you PHA for posting this and for the absolutely AWESOME group of people posing with Flat Molly. Even though Molly is gone, her legacy continues and I fully intend to do all that I can to fight for a cure in memory of my little girl. <3