Thursday, April 26, 2012

National Call-In Day Today! Call Your Members of Congress!

Ask your Members of Congress to Support the PH Research and Education Act

Today's National Call-In Day is our chance to flood Congressional halls with our calls for PH research and education. Fifteen minutes of your time and three phone calls will make a difference to the entire PH community. 

Learn more and make your calls!

Spread the Word!

You don't have to have pulmonary hypertension to contact your Members of Congress. Anyone can call and ask for support for the PH Research and Education Act! Here's how you can make PHA's National Call-In Day go viral by inviting all of your family and friends to call their Members of Congress.
  1. Get plugged in! RSVP to PHA's National Call-In Day Facebook event. Then invite your Facebook friends to join.
  2. Create a buzz! After you've made your calls, post about it on your social networking pages.
For more information about PHA's National Call-In Day, contact

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